When I first heard of Yoga, I went to my first class for the purpose of stretching. I spread my mat on the floor and joined the others in the class. I had no further expectations and had no idea where this road would eventually lead me to.

Today, after many years of doing yoga, it is clear to me that the first day I spread my mat on the floor was the start of overcoming disappointment, rejection, and criticism, as well as recovering from failures.

I once read: What goes on the mat is your whole life in a nutshell. It is your mirror. Use it to better understand yourself. So, I did, having spent many years traveling around the world to learn and practice yoga.

“What goes on the mat is your whole life in a nutshell.
It is your mirror. Use it to better understand yourself.”


Anar is known for her focus on proper technique, passion about healthy living, and she enjoys sharing the teachings of Iyengar Yoga as taught by the late B.K.S. Iyengar.

Anar is motivated by guiding her students to achieving their potential and being part of her student’s journey in pursuit of body and mind transformation. This journey is a two-way street it benefits the student and the instructor, both are on a common life journey. Anar is grateful to her past and present students for being part of each other’s journey in life and is inspired by her passion for complete balance of body, mind, and spirit (complete wellness) in our daily life.

Anar has been practicing Iyengar Yoga for many years to help her overcome the stress of daily corporate executive work environment. In the last few years, Anar quit her corporate position and has dedicated herself to becoming an instructor and has taken several instructor training classes. However, the journey is not over and Anar continues to travel the world and take instructor classes from highly experienced practitioners, which in turn she passes the knowledge to benefit her own students.

Going Asanas Yoga Studio & Wellness Center was founded in Colorado 2016 by Anar Abdel-Jabbar after she relocated from Kazakhstan to Colorado US.